About Socket Technologies Inc.

Our business is helping yours. Our focus is helping our customers realize their fullest potential through technology solutions.

Company History 

Founded in 2005 by Geographic Information System (GIS) expert and MBA,  Naren Ranganathan, Socket Technologies, Inc., began as a small consultancy specializing in Enterprise-level GIS solutions for the ArcGIS platform. Under Naren’s guidance, the Company has expanded their footprint to offer GIS integration with Work Order Management (WMS), Outage Management System (OMS), Customer Information System (CIS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems into multiple industries—Electric & Gas Utilities; Oil & Gas; Water & Sewer; Transportation & Logistics; City, State & Local Government; Real Estate; Agriculture; and Forestry Services. 

Naren is a pioneer in the industry having developed GIS data for the agricultural industry in 2000.   He has a history of consulting on complex projects and being retained to lend strategic, technical, and leadership for additional project phases.    

Corporate Governance

Socket Technologies Inc. is a privately held corporation in the State of Georgia. We are professionally managed and insured to take large scale GIS Enterprise Implementation and GIS Conversion Projects.The founders of the company have extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying GIS components for large corporations as well as city and municipal clients.

Services Overview and Delivery Model

Our core strength is in GIS integration and implementation with Work Order Management (WMS), Outage Management System (OMS), Customer Information System (CIS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) integration. We provide custom GIS solutions for ESRI®, Telvent Miner & Miner, IBM® Maximo, Oracle® Work Asset Management and SAP Products.

Socket Technologies offers services divided in three major categories: functional services including interface design documents, business process analysis, system architecture and capacity planning, GIS datamodel analysis, technical services such as custom ArcEngine development, Geodatabase-Replication configuration and planning, and implementation services including Oracle WAM Integration, Ventyx Mobile configuration and integration, Customer Care  & Billing system integration and more.

Using Socket Technologies for all GIS consulting and solutions needs is taking your organization’s performance and optimizing it to its full potential. With a customized approach to all businesses and corporations, Socket Technologies answers the needs of important North American clients for all GIS services.

Socket Technologies also offers web solutions, such as web design, Arcgis server integration with Microsoft Sharepoint Portal,  ArcGIS Portal, ArcGIS services, web application development and much more.

Consulting Strengths and Services

  • Strong Technical Skills using ESRI software- Technical Knowledge to design, develop interface, software or integration software       
  •  ESRI ArcGIS Customization - Develop tools, commands and extensions to automate ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software
  • Scheider Electric ArcFM Customization - Develop tools, commands, autoupdaters, Validation Rules to automate Telvent Miner and Miner ArcFM Desktop software
  • GIS Integration with EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) -Design interface design document for GIS integration with Enterprise assets stored in SAP, IBM Maximo or Oracle Work & Asset Management systems.
  • ArcSDE Installation, Configuration and Tuning - Enterprise GIS infrastructure planning, optimizing server environments for Application and Citrix Servers.
  • Geodabase Replication Setup and Configuration- Geodatabase configuration for reporting purposes
  • Custom development using ArcGIS Desktop (ArcEditor, ArcEngine, ArcObjects) - Custom development tools for enterprise GIS
  • ArcGIS Server ADF Development (Asp.Net, Silverlight, Adobe Flex) - Web Apps development using the ArcGIS Server API
  • GIS Data Conversion Services
  • Geodatabase Management- Fine tuning and load balancing for database servers
  • Geoprocessing Scripts - Design and develop Python scripts for Geodatabase data loading from converted data

Custom in-house products that we developed to speed up ESRI Geodatabase data management services.

  • GDB Exporter App
  • GDBDiff
  • DomainSync
  • WebView
  • Stored Display Manager
  • QA /QC App

Contact our team of experts at Socket Technologies Inc. today in order to put your business or organization on the right track; Socket’s GIS and Webservices are leading the industry and our team’s expertise and hands-on experience will give you the best results possible and on time.

A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data
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