Compatible Units Design & Estimation

We have developed and designed CU Management tools for Electric and Gas utilities. We have extensively used ArcFM, ArcObjects APIs to sync between GIS and EAM system. We have also developed custom C# .Net applications to update CU Library from EAM systems and developed custom reports for CU Classifications and GIS fetaureclass mappings. 

Here is a short article about Compatible Units from our experience serving our clients.

What is Compatible Unit ?

Compatible Units is comprehensive design technique to design, estimate and integrate Assets, Locations, maintenance of warehouse items with Workorder and Service Requests generated in EAM systems such as IBM Maximo, SAP Work Management and Oracle WAM.

A typical Compatible Unit (CU) in the Work Management System (WMS) consists of the following items included.

  • Labor - Work Groups
    • Crew Types, Crew Size, Craft, Labor Hours, Man Hours
  • Tool- 
    • Vehicles/ Equipment Codes
    • Vehicles/ Equipment Hours
    • Standard Rate Description
    • Special Tools
  • Material - Item Master Info
    • Item Number
    • Warehouse Info
    • Quantity
    • Unit Cost, Salvage Price, Scrap Value
  • Accounting Info
    • GL Account
    • GL Header
    • Accounting Rules
  • Classification Info
    • Featureclass Name 
    • Subtype
    • Asset /Location
  • Work Function Info
    • Workfunction Code (Install , Remove, Abandon, Retire)

Why do we use Compatible Units ? what are our benefits ?

  • Streamline Design process with the use of pre-designed templates
  • Consistent Design Process through standardization
  • Seamless integration of Accounting, Wokrorder, Crews, Design and Estimation process
  • Integrating Cost and Accounting info for each Workorder
  • Automated CREW scheduling to streamline resources

Integrating with EAM Work Management Systems

In EAM system when Workorder is created, the Assets/Locations are attached to it. The Assets and Locations will have specification and header attributes referring to CU description and CU name. Each CU will have information about the Workfunction type such as "Retire", "Replace" or "Install". 

The GIS System receives the Workorder Information with details of CUs. The Design Tech will design or draw them on the map using EAM Workorder details and submit for approval.


Compatible Units are maintained in Excel sheet by CU Administrator per Standards issued by Standards Department.  The CUs are continuously adjusted per the FERC standards and loaded into EAM system. The CUs description, name, material and labor information are updated per new standards and the process is governed closely by the Standards Department. 

Maintenance of Compatible units

For most utilities we have designed, developed and automated the sync process by a combination of Python, Windows C# application. The sync process is a scheduled process to sync CU changes between systems.  The system enables the administrator to export CU XML into spreadsheet for editing pusposes.

CU Design Report

Compatible Units are assigned to Locations per Workorder details coming from EAM system. Each workorder design will have a list of CUs used for Replace, Retire or Install work functions to complete the Wokrorder. The best way to display the details of the Workorder for the field CREW is to create a Design By Location report for a specific Workorder. This report will be grouped by Workfunctions such as Install, Retire, Replace then grouped with CU. For example the CUs replacing will Pad Transformer will have Transformer with KVA Rating, Conductor Material, Conduit.