Designing Field Operations with ArcGIS Mobile Apps

 Socket Technologies as an ESRI partner can detail the solution of Mobile Workforce Management for Utilities. Based on current market needs we can develop workflows to leverage cutting edge ESRI Mobile Apps. We can design, develop and design custom

Data Collection Projects

  • Collecting Assets

  • Transforming Paper to Digital

  • Field Damage Assessment

  • Field Surveys

Maintenance and Inspection Workflows

  • Meter Inspections

  • Tree -Trimming

  • Parcel Mapping

  • Map change Requests

  • Joint Use Attachments/Surveys

  • Permit Inspections

  • Streetlight Inventory

  • Meter Replacement Program

  • Hydrant Inspections

  • Trail Mapping

ArcGIS Configurable Mobile Apps

ArcGIS provides numerous workflows that can be configured and deployed for most Field Workflows.

The most recent version of ArcGIS includes App Builders :

  • Create Apps with no coding skills

  • Extend app if your need customization

  • Configure and Extend

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

  • Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

  • AppStudio for ArcGIS

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

  • Create Apps from Scratch

  • Automate Process in ArcGIS

  • Develop Apps using:

    • HTML5/Javascript

    • Python

    • Objective-C

    • REST Services

    • Java

    • Swift

    • C#

    • QML

ESRI Apps for Field Operations

These mobile Apps are available for both iOS and Android

  • Monitor

    • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

  • Field Work

    • Explorer of ArcGIS

    • Survey 123 for ArcGIS

    • Collector for ArcGIS

    • Drone2Map for ArcGIS

  • Navigate

    • ArcGIS Navigator

  • Coordinate

    • ArcGIS Workforce

  • Plan

    • ArcGIS Pro

    Opportunities for Efficient Workflows

  • Small utility, city, municipals

    • A location solution to replace paper-based workflows

    • Works seamlessly with ArcGIS apps for field crew

  • Mid-Large utility for Gas, Electric and Water

    • Complement Enterprise Asset Management Systems

    • Compliment Work Managements

    • Turnkey Solutions

      • System Integrators

      • Customized Solutions

      • Integrate ArcGIS Field Apps into existing Workflows

      • High Accuracy Data Collection