GIS Data Services

Socket Technologies Inc. acts as a liason between the end client ( an utility customer ) and the conversion vendor to make sure the GIS data is converted, delivered and posted seamlessly in the enterprise GIS system.

We offer and support the following services :

  • Data Source Mapping for EAM Implementation

  • Legacy Data Source Mapping for new business processes

  • Transforming AutoCAD to ESRI Geodatabases

  • Converting RAW GPS data to ESRI and KML data for enterprise integration

  • Quick web mashups on top of ArcGIS Online, Google Maps , Bing Maps or Open Street Maps

  • Integration of Microsoft Excel data into Shapefiles, AutoCAD, KMLs etc

GIS Tools

We develop data conversion and data cleansing strategies using the tools below :

  • FME Workbench

  • ArcCatalog/ArcTool Box Data Management Tools

  • Geoprocessing Scripts using Python