GIS for Natural Resources

The ESRI GIS is becoming global standard for GIS. With the introduction of ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Server we can quickly develop End to End workflow for all the natural resource industries specified below.

  • Agriculture

  • Forestry

  • Mining

  • Pipelines

  • Petroleum

  • Renewables

How Socket Technologies Inc. as a leading GIS Solution provider can make a difference ?


We develop a custom hub and spoke framework where ESRI GIS is a System of Record for all GIS based needs :

  1. Real-time Asset Tracking

  2. Field Mobility

  3. System of Engagement

  4. Geo Analytics

  5. Location Analytics

  6. Map Publishers for Enterprise wide

  7. Interactive maps with spatial and tabular info

  8. Provides access to developers for continuous integration and continuous development

  9. Visualize, Analyze and Manage imagery for all resources such as Cache Services, Map Tiles, Vector Tiles , CAD files etc.

Engagement Workflow

  • New User —>Develop Content

  • Workstation User —> Develop /Automate Map publishing process

  • Web User —> Simple ArcGIS Online Maps accessible through ESRI AGOL Licensing Model

  • Enterprise User —> ArcGIS Portal Implementation with ArcGIS Server with real-time updates, Imagery & Analytics

Solution Delivery Workflow -Business Focused Solutions

  • Content Management and Content Delivery

  • Business Systems and Integration

  • Target Apps (Desktop, Web, Mobile)