Maximo CUE Application

If you want to use Compatible Units and its features to integrate into Maximo Workorder Application, you will need to work with CUE Application in Transmission and Distribution (T&D) module of IBM Maximo. Generally CU estimates are associated with Workorder. A CU estimate without association of Workorder is used only for estimating purpose. 

The Design Tech can create and estimate new scenarios by using CU records in created in CUE application.  For each estimate, the Tech selects the compatible units and applies filters to specify the conditions for each scenario.

In Maximo , you can navigate it to CU Estimating (T&D) application to do the following actions:

  • Search for compatible unit estimates.
  • Create, modify, and view estimate versions.
  • Specify the work to be performed at each station in a request.
  • Search for compatible units within the CU Library by attributes.

We have developed CU library for utilities and automated syncing CU library between GIS and EAM systems. 

Naren RanganathanComment