Sync GIS and Maximo

Starting Maximo 7.6, it is easy to configure seamless sync between ESRI and Maximo. 

Steps : 

  1. Configure  and Publish ArcGIS REST services (feature services if you are editing), (map services if you are just viewing)
  2. Log into Maximo 
  3. Go to Map Manager 
  4. Add feature service url
  5. Add individual layer
  6. Configure individual layers by creating GIS objects and also linking them with parent object as Workorder, or Location or Asset
  7. Save 
  8. Save map manager 

Internally for each GIS object, Maximo creates a multiversioned view and manages the updates through Java code behind the scenes. ( Technical tip) . For example if you create a GIS Object with name Valve then internally it creates a Valve_EVW database object. Also you can run SQL queries against this new object. For example you can run "Select count(*) from Valve_EVW;".