ESRI Integration with Maximo and SAP through ArcGIS Web Adaptor

Most of the ESRI integrations are through ArcGIS REST services. In order to publish REST services, there is an important need to review the architecture how REST services are published using ArcGIS Server technology.  Based on simple Single Machine strategy,  we need Windows Server, IIS Server (to serve web services)ArcGIS Server Standard or Advanced, ArcGIS Web Adaptor,  ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro. 

Why to use ArcGIS Web Adaptor?

  • Allows to integrate Portal for ArcGIS with your organization's existing Web Servers such as IIS, Weblogic.

  • Allows to utilize your existing organization's identity store and security policies at the web-tier. For example you can tie-in active directory users authenticated using integrated Windows Login and ArcGIS portal .

  • Allows to expose ArcGIS Portal through port 80 and 443

Installation steps of ArcGIS Web Adaptor :

  • Verify minimum system requirements
  • Enable HTTPS on web server
  • Install ArcGIS Web Adaptor 
  • Configure ArcGIS Web Adaptor for use with Portal for ArcGIS
ArcGIS Web Adaptor.png
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