ESRI ArcSDE Data Storage

A feature class (layer) is comprised of three components

  1. Business Table 
  2. Feature Table 
  3. Spatial Index Table
  • Business table - contains attributes and spatial column.
  • Feature Table -Stores geometry and annotations
  • Spatial Table - Defines grid range and shape envelope for each feature

Performance Tips

  • Reduce amount of data processed for faster queries
  • Provide a filter to limit number of rows
  • Index tables and feature layers for fast retrieval
    • Adjust Tile Size based on average feature envelope to fine tune spatial grid 
    • Leave SDE tablespace or database as is for ArcSDE application use
    • Store data in new tablespace or database
    • Use Multiple logins for each users so that each user is allocated with dedicated table space
    • If versioning is enabled , maintenance of versions is must through version management tools