Whats new in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 - Server Administration

Work with Jobs in ArcGIS Admin Console

  • In new version “Jobs” is added under SITE to review and monitor Geoprocessing jobs

Conserve Memory

  • In new version instead of each service running under dedicated pool , the services can share the instance pool to conserve memory and efficiently manage workloads.

Request ID

  • In new version you can filter logs by REQUEST ID.

  • A new property is attached to all new service request in ArcGIS Server that can be uniquely identified and reviewed by REQUEST ID.

Default Security Improvements

  • HTTPS Only

  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the framework that secures interactions between ArcGIS Server and Client Apps. The communication supports 1.2 version by default.

  • ArcGIS Online is also slated to use TLS Version 1.2

  • ArcGIS now sends content-type header -no-sniff that prevents user web browsers from MIME sniffing