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ESRI, GE SmallWorld & Maximo Integration

For the utilities using GE Small World as core GIS software, we can automate extracting data into ESRI format for publishing ArcGIS REST services for Maximo spatial integration or for webmaps for ArcGIS Collector.

The geospatial data is extracted from GE Smallworld GIS to ESRI Geodatabase.

The geospatial data is extracted from GE Smallworld GIS to ESRI Geodatabase.

  • GE Small World GIS --> Custom Sync Process --> ESRI --> ESRI REST Services --> Maximo
  • GE Small World GIS --> Custom Sync Process --> ESRI --> ESRI REST Services --> ArcGIS Collector

Please contact us or schedule a call how we can help extracting data from GE Small World GIS.

Maximo Spatial 7.6 Upgrade

Maximo Spatial 7.6 is the latest version from IBM.  With the Maximo Spatial 7.6 release we can install/configure Maximo spatial to use published ESRI REST services to consume, view, edit and analyze using ESRI feature services.  Feature Services allow integration to the ArcGIS Server by only using the ArcGIS Server’s published URLs and will not require a dblink between Maximo and GIS. We can also configure seamless 2-WAY syncing between GIS and Maximo using Out Of the Box Maximo Tool Framework (Cron Task, Escalations, JSON Mapping) for LOCATIONS, ASSETS, WORKORDER, SERVICEADDRESS and SERVICEREQUEST applications in Maximo.

The new spatial release allows to consume published ArcGIS Online, Google and Bing maps as base maps for routing purposes. 

With our in-house benchmark testing we have observed the configuration time to set up Spatial 7.6 has been reduced significantly with the new feature service approach and the initial tests indicate faster load/syncing times compared to DBLINK approach. 

This new release supports Versioned Feature Datasets, Multiversion Views. The sync and edits can be target to a specific workflow version such as "QAQC" Version or "FieldWork" Version.

We also have the capability to upgrade automation scripts into seamless ArcGIS Data sync tasks to sync Assets, Locations, Workorders.

We also can make an assessment of Maximo Spatial upgrades and integrations.

ArcGIS Geometry Cleanup

We get data from different resources such as AutoCAD, Shape Files, Microstation etc.  ESRI -ArcGIS Desktop is the best product to review repair geometries and convert them to Enterprise GIS.

These steps will help cleanup GIS data and make it ready to be consumed in ESRI. These steps can be executed either using Python scripts or ESRI ArcToolBox tools. With the use of ArcToolBox you can build a model to execute these steps in sequence.
Note: These complex steps need ArcGIS Desktop Advanced License.

Polygon Cleanup

  • Delete Identical
  • Repair Geometry
  • Integrate
  • Snap
  • Convert

Polyline Cleanup

  • Delete Identical
  • Integrate
  • Delete Dangles
  • Trim / Extend Lines
  • Snap
  • Convert

ArcGIS 10.5 System Requirements

As a Silver Partner we received communication that ArcGIS 10.5 is official and stable version. If you are in the process of upgrading to new versions , please click on the link below to learn the system requirements for ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Desktop :

ArcGIS Engine :

ArcGIS Server :

ArcGIS Portal :

ArcGIS Web Adaptor :


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