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Moving ArcGIS Server to ArcGIS Enterprise

So why do we move?

  • Latest innovations, enhancements, bug fixes

  • Web GIS

    • Apps

    • Simple Workflow

    • Distributed Collaboration

    • Services and REST End Points

  • Analytics

    • GeoAnalytics

    • Raster Analytics

  • User licensing is no longer an obstacle

    • Level 1-viewers are included with ArcGIS Standard/ Advanced

What does ArcGIS Enterprise include ?

  • ArcGIS Web Adaptor

    • ArcGIS Web Adaptor functions as software load balancer, directing direct traffic to Enterprise deployment resources.

  • Portal for ArcGIS

    • Portal of ArcGIS hosts secure, centralized location to organize and manage location -enabled content , geo data & user access levels and permissions.

  • ArcGIS Server

    • ArcGIS Server gives the ability to publish services and share maps and layers from your GIS and business databases. It provides the layers and services that power GIS system.

  • ArcGIS Data Store

    • There are three types of ArcGIS Data Store: relational, tile cache, and spatiotemporal big data. The relational and tile cache configurations of the ArcGIS Data Store are required for ArcGIS Enterprise deployments.


  1. Upgrade current ArcGIS Server Site and use it within the base development

    1. Use the same infrastructure , service URLs don’t change, no need to republish services

  2. Restart from beginning , create a new base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment

    1. Optimized infrastructure, custom deployment, multi-machine ArcGIS Server Sites

  3. Add a base ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment

    1. Multi-machine deployment