Transformation Services

IT Organizations face a significant challenges due to changing technologies, emergence of new expectations, limited budget and increased globalization.

To achieve high performance delivered IT department needs to acquire contemporary skills to support and serve new expectations and to build a flexible and scalable organization.

Socket Technologies Inc. has expertise and technical skills with many large scale IT transformation projects and we are certain to bring a positive change in culture, process and technology.

Benefits Highlight:
  • Efficient Business Process and Workflows
  • Close alignment of Business and IT Teams
  • 35% to 45% cost reduction
  • Fast and Higher quality of IT workers
  • Improved ROI of IT Investments
  • Strategies to move from traditional models to open source and extensible framework
  • Strategies to move from Citrix deployments to VMWare VDI solutions for enterprise users

For most projects we follow the prominent consulting RICEFW model.